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Based on a previous input to Trainee Detectives to enhance their knowledge of crime scene awareness.

Personnel first called upon when an incident has occurred are usually a member of Human Resources, Security or IT Support, many of whom will have little or no Investigative experience.

Also applicable to Private Investigators or anyone who may have a role or seeking a role involving evidence gathering.

The Digital Forensic Investigator is unlikely to be first on the scene, so it helps if you have someone designated who knows what they need to do. Once completed, the first responder will be able to put their training into practice and do all the things required. Get it right at the outset and ensure compliance!

Your First Responder[s] will be equipped just as those Police Officers and Detectives are that arrive at the scene of a serious crime. Although unlikely to be a life harm scenario, the preservation of digital evidence should be taken seriously, even if the matter doesn’t end up in the Criminal Courts. You need to be prepared for ‘worst case scenario’, to avoid counter-action and compliance.

What aims to be a thoroughly informative and unique training package, this is aimed to make your nominated member[s] of staff equipped to handle exhibits and understand the importance of continuity of the evidence trail. They will also learn about the type of work the Digital Detective does and what is possible in terms of gathering evidence from all types of Digital storage Media. This in turn will make them a good point of reference when advice is suddenly sought!

We can suggest what roles from your organisation may be best suited for this input.

*As a ‘Bolt-On’ to this course we can offer those with just a little above average tech skills, how to take a forensic image for later investigation.

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Digital ‘Crime’ Scene for 1st Responders

‘Crime’ in the loosest sense of the word, this Training programme is designed for persons or employees who maybe tasked with the investigation and/or preservation of any digital media in the event of an allegation and the material on the media may corroborate or refute that allegation

Information Commisioners Office


Whether it be a suspected breach of company policy, bullying, harassment, threats or Fraud, the first rule of evidence is to preserve the scene.

Where a computer or any digital storage media may contain evidence, this requires specialist knowledge and tools  

Get it right  first time!


Why do I need to have resources in my organisation for this?

As with any organisation, when things go wrong internally you will likely have designated resource to deal with an occurrence at any level. Should that incident have involved the use of a computer or other digital storage media, then it requires someone with the skills to deal with that device in compliance with company policy, rules, regulations and even the law.

Why can’t our IT people handle this and recover computer based evidence?

Whilst IT personnel are usually enthusiastic and keen when it comes to looking at computers, they will unlikely have an understanding of investigations and evidence gathering, an important factor that could prove worthwhile further down the line.

Why can’t we just switch the computer on and print off the offending files?

A digital forensic expert would do much more than recovering a file. They can also look at deleted data as well as system files that may corroborate or refute an allegation and would in turn stand up to scrutiny under any cross examination.

What are the benefits of the Bolt-On - forensic acquisition?

Preservation of digital evidence is crucial within the ‘golden hour’! Rather than waiting for your forensic investigator to arrive on scene, this would enable designated persons to acquire a full forensic image of a computers hard drive ready to send to the forensics lab, thus ensuring integrity of evidence and compliance for your organisation.

Where do you hold your courses?

Generally near Chester or Warrington, close to the Motorway networks. However, if sufficient numbers are allocated we can hold it close to or within your organisation providing you can meet certain conditions.

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