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Case Studies

Here are some typical cases we have worked on over the years. This experience provides a dearth of knowledge when it comes to Investigating Digital Media. It’s not just about the technical skills, but having a thorough knowledge of investigative procedures means we can sift irrelevant data and focus on the task at hand.

Case study 1

A rogue employee responsible for invoicing clients, altered bank account information on invoices causing numerous payments totaling 6 figure sums to be paid to himself and not the employer. He deleted all his Outlook emails and cleaned his hard drive before fleeing. Laptop was recovered, 10,000+ deleted emails and attachments recovered. Evidence presented direct to Police in required format.

Case study 2

Work at home employee claimed expenses for visiting numerous clients. After suspicions came to light an examination of laptop & a phone revealed GPS data that showed the employee never left home. Dealt with internally.

Case study 3

Large City company supplied private back up server for IT support company to provide their exclusive back ups on a daily basis. Suspicions arose and the back up server was recovered. Digital Forensic Investigation of server revealed multiple virtual machines that had contained data from other companies, but not clients data. Data had been deleted to cover tracks. Civil prosecution.

Case study 4

Individual takes up casual labour as Admin assistant on large estate and deceives client into paying significant sums of money to personal account. Examination of a laptop revealed the fraudster was booking expensive holidays, buying cars and other luxury items with no other income source. File handed to Police.

Case Study 5

Employee suspected of starting own business in direct competition with employer. Whilst at work, employee bring in portable hard drive and downloads client database and accounting information. Evidence provided of web activity and emails that would corroborate allegation. Further evidence of personal device connected to computer and file copying. Dealt with internally saving client 6 figure sum.

- - - - - - - - -

We have many more similar cases to reveal. Some are currently prejudice or too sensitive to mention. We have dealt with a good variety of cases however, from relatively small to significant in value and investigation time.

We have not identified our clients in both respecting their privacy and in compliance with GDPR. We will always assure our customers of protecting their data and all information in compliance with a simple right to privacy and the relevant legislation.

A powerful forensic workstation

“Thank you for providing us with a first class service from start to finish. Not having any idea about computer forensics, we found every part of the investigation was fully explained and debriefed. Whilst we had sufficient evidence to take to the Police, we were content to deal with the matter internally. Your advice was perfect for our solution”.

“Having already explored traditional investigation methods into a rogue employee who could have caused us a massive loss, we were directed to High Tech Investigations who were thorough and clear with their techniques. It was a relief that we could authorise the forensic work within the rule of law and saved a significant sum of money in potential costs and losses”.

The report you have provided to us provides us with sufficient information to take to the other party and recoup our losses. Thank you”.

Our family having had defamatory statements made against us, which put us in a very embarrassing situation and was difficult to clear our name without the evidence you found on our Computer!”.

We could not have obtained the evidence you provided to us by any other means. This meant our business was safe from corrupt employees who are just out for themselves”.

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